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Noted lately: FICTION SITED: A Look at Fiction Online (The Danforth Review) and People of the Year: Bloggers (ABC News).
Life of a Tsunami (USGS) + Animation + In The Hollow of a Wave off the Coast at Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai (1760 1849) [woodprint at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC].
10 Things We Learned About Blogs (from Time Magazine: Blogging Can Get You Fired, Bloggers Can Be Titillating, Most Bloggers Are Women, etc.) and A Growing Voice (blogosphere = 5th Estate, the Microsoft Corporation's blogger, etc.)...
Blogging begets books: these blogs gained a wider audience, some publishers started paying attention to them. Sometimes publishers are interested in publishing elements of the blogs in book form; mostly they simply enjoy the blogger's writing and want to publish a novel or nonfiction book by the blogger...
Anikó took her citizenship oath today... in a mass ceremony at the Los Angeles Convention Center. What a zoo. But the good news is: I can now tease her with lyrics from The Guess Who's American Woman:

[...] I don't need your war machines
I don't need your ghetto scenes
Coloured lights can hypnotize
Sparkle someone else's eyes [...]

—Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Jim Kale and Garry Peterson
PL▶Y: I've been wanting to buy Peter Gabriel's amazing collection of music videos (CV) on DVD for quite awhile. But it was available only in VHS format. Waah.

Then, on November 16, my dreams came true. And they were remixed into surround sound.

Fuck the South. Oh, well, um... sure, why not?
Fahrenheit 9/11 has been nominated by the People's Choice Awards as "Favorite Film of the Year." It's the first time a documentary has ever shown up in this category. And we get to choose the winner. That's right, you and me. Until 3p ET on Monday, December 13. So vote early and often. After deleting your cookies, of course. If the film wins, Mike promises to "give a nice and polite speech."
Shorter Is Better. Wayne E. Yang has posted an excellent overview of new developments in micro literature, at Eight Diagrams.
Noted lately: Red Herring Chief Back in Action (blog-to-print), 'Blog' Tops U.S. Dictionary's Words of the Year and MSN bloggers try to foul up censorship tool.
Rats, sinking ship, etc. Ridge quits Department of Homeland Security.