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Masthead-urbation. That Online Editor masthead credit is also in the upcoming dead-tree issue (February, page 4). Plus, two photos by yours truly are plastered onto page 16. I'm especially proud of the El Mirador 8x10.

Somebody pinch me.
Bloggers now click as published writers: this article centers mainly on the new novel (about a sluttish blogger nicknamed "Capitolette") by Ana Marie Cox (Wonkette), whose main claim to fame up 'til now was hyping Washingtonienne, which resulted in a book deal for a real slut named Jessica Cutler.

Whew. Can you say "incestuous"?

I finally got around to reading The Morning News interview with Cox from January 2004, and just realized that she promoted not one, not two, but THREE Nick Denton blogs. Denton signs her Wonkette checks. Sadly, this is how most paid-blogger gigs work: one must insert one's nose firmly between the nether cheeks of those people who can drive the most traffic to one's own blog.

Which is not to say that I've refused to plant my own proboscis into various and sundry rectal cavities. Oh Lordy, no.

I'm just really pissed that I've chosen—so far, anyway—the wrong butts to sniff.
Teeshirt - I Blog At Work. Ironically, I got fired from my last job, mostly for doing this kind of activity on my lunch hour.

But there's an even better irony: the new gig pays more. Heh.
We went to Heaven last night... to catch the fanners and flaggers. It was great fun, but I think Alan plans an upcoming article for The Desert Quidnunc, so I'll let him go into detail.

Update: Here's the interview - Flaggots in Heaven!
Fartlek (Swedish for "speed-play") has been used as a training and coaching tool for runners since the 1950s. It involves variable-pace running over a variety of terrain.

Try saying it out loud: "Fartlek, fartlek, f...f...fartlek."

(Alan's been forcing me to watch the Four Minutes DVD.)
Waiting for DNS. The Information Technology department at Palm Springs Life has been revamping the magazine's website design for the past several months. They hired me in November as their Online Editor, a new position at PSL. For the most part, I've concentrated on creating a blog, The Desert Quidnunc. It's a bit irreverent, and quite a departure from the tone of the magazine, but my bosses keep saying that's what they want.

For the past week, the four of us in the IT department have been working like crazy, moving content from the old site into their new modular design. We finished inputting stuff on the development server this morning, and I've spent most of the day tweaking the blog and getting nutso over last-minute bugs. Only one or two people have looked at my baby up until now, but the Big Switch will be flipped sometime this evening, and the Internet's Domain Name System will eventually make PSL's new site (including my blog) available to the entire world.

I'm hyperventilating.

I'm also punching my browser's Refresh button every five minutes.

But I'm sure that interval will shorten dramatically before I finish writing (and obsessively rewriting) this post...
55 or betterDouble Nickel:
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to an old fart,
Happy birthday to me.