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Gotta sing, gotta dance, gotta blog! Alan went undercover today.
Tommy Smothers. 

I just got back from covering the Kraft Nabisco Celebrity Pro-Am, part of a golf tournament that used to bear Dinah Shore's name. It's an annual competition that draws thousands of partying lesbians to conservative Palm Springs. If you ever have a chance to attend a screening of Where the Girls Are, an award-winning documentary that provides a lighthearted look at the Dinah Shore Weekend, you'll get some idea of the huge impact of this cultural event.

There were lots of celebrities on hand to celebrate, too. Tommy Smothers was one of my favorites. By the ninth hole, he had trained his fivesome to chant while he was putting: "Taw-MEE! Taw-MEE! Taw-MEE!" After trying (and usually failing) to sink his putt in the normal way, he would pull out a round white yo-yo and attempt to "walk" it into the hole.

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McSweeney's won a Best Copy/Writing Webby Award and Alan helped...
INYT&A: Going Topless in NYC (straight video, or w/links). Stills: Jordan Matter. Samples: columbia university, starbucks, upper east side, 42nd street and union square.

Pioneer: Women join New York nude photo shoot. Stills: Spencer Tunick. Samples: New York 4 (Grand Central) 2003 and NY2.
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We had some precipitation last night. It was cold in the mountains all around us, so they're covered with snow, even though it's sunny and warm here.
My first magazine photo credit is in the current issue of Palm Springs Life, available on newsstands today. Look on page 24, in the lower-right corner. It's sideways. Gosh, the letters are so tiny. My masthead credit (on page 8) is a lot bigger. ;-)