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The National Spelling Bee, that is. On Twitter. On Facebook. Or on ESPN, Thursday, May 31, 8pm EDT. [5pm here in Phoenix.] Or in my fevered memory. Or on a DVD:
SpellboundAkeelah and the BeeBee Season
June 1964: Dad/Mom/Nerd/Rep. Brad Morse (R-MA)/Flag

Top 3 suggestions for improving the Bee:
3. Outside: more tailgate parties, so the spectators can get properly liquored up.
2. Inside: more half-naked fat guys in the audience, with painted faces and chests.
1. During: more obscenities shouted at the contestants, more booing the ref.

Update: Use George Carlin's Dirty Word Lists!

More: A Dutchman's paean to English and Spell Czech or National Spelling Bee Competitors: 1964 and 1965.
"I'd never marry a guy worth less than $19B."

Priscilla Chan to Mark Zuckerberg, late 2011.

[May 19, 2012: "Dang. I thought that would keep him at bay for awhile longer."]


Facebook's first trading day [Zuckerberg worth $19.25B @ close] (L.A. Times)

Mark Zuckerberg Marries Priscilla Chan (ABC News)
TIME Breastfeeding Cover: The Kid's Thoughts. 

"Eat your heart out, Oedipus." [TIME cover] [BuzzFeed]

TIME cover