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Chesley Bonestell.

"Saturn as seen from Titan" (1944), by Chesley Bonestell [BON-ə-stel] (Californian, 1888-1986), oil on canvas. This was one of Bonestell's favorite subjects, and he painted this fantastic view at least seven times, in various shades. It has been reproduced in ten or more publications, after first appearing in Life magazine in 1944 as one of multiple paintings of Saturn as seen from several of its moons.

Saturn as seen from Titan
Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is too early!

A Diamond Jubilee is a celebration held to mark a 75th anniversary, but Queen Elizabeth's jubilee celebration (today through Tuesday) is being held on the 60th year of her reign. So why are the British people arbitrarily cheating on the numbers?

My guess: Liz is 86, and she might last until 101, but it's a gamble...