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The Ring of Brodgar. 

A full Scottish breakfast is a thing to behold: meats, eggs, tomatoes, fruit, the works. I had downed a full Scottish breakfast on the morning of May 17, then we hopped on a ferry headed for Orkney. The waves were... well, let's say... quite noticeable, and my stomach sloshed around energetically.

When we arrived on the island, we hopped in the car and visited several sites, including the Ring of Brodgar, a 341-foot-diameter Neolithic stone circle and henge.

Halfway around the Ring, I came to the horrifying realization that my Scottish breakfast was about to make an explosive exit, one way or another.

Anikó was very helpful, standing guard whilst I dumped a substantial load on the shores of a local loch.

I bought a t-shirt to commemorate the experience.