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Savoir faire. 

Three guys were discussing the phrase "savoir faire," and the first one offered this example: "Imagine that you return from work early, only to discover your best friend in bed with your wife. If you quietly close the door and allow them privacy to continue, that's savoir faire."

The second one argued, "No, no, no - if you return home early to find them in bed, you must enter the room, adjust the window blinds to provide more romantic lighting, pour two glasses of fine champagne, and THEN close the door. That's savoir faire."

"It's clear that I must reveal the subtle nuances of this concept," replied the third. "You come home from work early, find them making love, adjust the blinds, pour three glasses of champagne, and sit down close to the bed. You then propose a toast, saying: 'Continue.' If he CAN, now that's savoir faire!"