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Facebook Doesn't Really Want To Know, When Members Die. 

One of my high-school friends and I have been creating Facebook memorials for our departed classmates:

, and if I discover that the deceased has a Facebook account, I memorialize it:

, so other people won't receive ghoulish suggestions for People You May Know, ads or birthday reminders.

Actually, I USED to memorialize my classmates' accounts. But now, Facebook tells me: "you'll need to provide documentation to confirm you're an immediate family member or executor of the account holder."

In my experience, family members or executors don't normally care about the Facebook accounts of people who have passed away. Or, if they really DO want to memorialize an account, they can't figure out how to do it. It took me several tries, before I could decipher Facebook's byzantine documentation.

So Facebook now seems to be taking the position that most of the 10,273 Facebook members who die everyday will continue to haunt us.