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Friendversary, my a**.  

Facebook now sends automated reminder Private Messages.

F*ck you, Facebook, and your unwelcome invasion of my privacy.
I'm A F*cking Genius. 

When I named my screenplay's Facebook page Côte d'Azur, I never dreamed that French travel agencies would inadvertently insert the title into their Facebook postings, and not check to see where the link ended up.

Free advertising. Not targeted very well, but still, it's eyeballs... ;-)

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Août To Lunch. 

[Follow-up to Glass Half Full.]

After I pitched Côte d'Azur to some British agents, one of them replied:

"Unfortunately, we're not able to do much with your screenplay, simply because the majority of the British Film & TV media are looking to set stories here in the UK, unless you're a film-maker with the clout of Ridley Scott or Danny Boyle who can influence that choice."

So I figured that maybe I should approach some French agents. When I was living in Nice during 1977-8, I noticed that almost everybody in France took a one-month vacation in August (Août). Of course, I assumed they outgrew that - after all, you can't shut down the WHOLE COUNTRY for an ENTIRE MONTH. It's 2019, fergawdsake. But then I received my first response (an auto-reply) from a Paris agent:

"L'agence est fermée pour la trêve estivale du 26 juillet au 31 août."

Which means: "The agency is closed for the summer break from July 26th to August 31st."

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