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Fond Memories Of The Newsroom From Hell, #2: Powerless. 

August 7, 2018, 11pm, NBC News Radio: The power shuts down, inside our building. Our announcer gets stuck in the elevator. After awhile, a mucky-muck comes in, walks up the three flights of stairs, and explains that our computers are on an emergency generator, but our A/C and lights are not. He really brings home the company's priorities. Outside temp is hovering near 100 degrees (38°C). Inside temp is shooting up to match. I ask the mucky-muck if he's gonna order some pizza, to show that the company appreciates our willingness to work in these horrifying circumstances. He ignores me. It's dark. Really dark. Part of my job involves reading numbers off a printed page, so I pull up the whitest computer screen I can find, to throw some light on the d*mn paper. We all keep working, while sweating our balls off. After a few minutes, the mucky-muck finally decides he's had enough of these unbearable conditions, so he heads for the exit. I yell after him, "Pepperoni and spicy sausage?" He chuckles and continues out the door, never to be seen again.

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