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Notarization During a Pandemic. 

My lovely wife needed to get a document notarized recently. So we put on our masks and drove over to the local UPS store. The sign on the door said no more than four people were allowed inside at one time. We carefully looked through the glass and saw that no other customers were in the store, before entering and requesting a notarization from the manager, who was also wearing a mask. He pulled out his official journal book, asked for Anikó's ID, copied down all of the pertinent info, and showed her where to sign. But before stamping the document with his official seal, he asked her to pull down her mask for a few inches, so he could compare her face with the ID photo. We all had a good chuckle over that.
Stick 'em up. 

During my daily walks around the man-made lakes here in our 55+ community, I don't take a mask. Very few people do. We either pass each other while hugging the outside edge of the concrete walkways, or one person makes a wide detour through the grassy area on either side. But today, a woman was approaching me from about 50 yards away, and I saw her take out a surgical face mask and put it on. So I figured I should respect her concerns, by putting the pocket of my hoodie jacket over my face. When she started giggling, I did too. I could only imagine how stupid I looked. So I stuck a finger in the other pocket, pointed it at her, and said, "Your money or your toilet paper." We both nearly fell on the ground, laughing.