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ARIZONA! (a pandemic parody). 

A hotspot in more ways than one.As some of you know, or may soon discover, I have a very dark sense of humor. So I wrote a 6-page satirical script that makes fun of the way the health crisis has been handled in my adopted home state. A pandemic parody, if you will. Think SNL sketch. The opening song follows Rodgers & Hammerstein's "OKLAHOMA!"

ARIZONA! Governor Doofus and Health Director Keeeryst try to get a handle on the coronavirus ravaging their state. Hilarity ensues. Includes gunplay and a show-stopping (or maybe show-starting?) musical number. Contains mind-boggling pull-quotes from the actual press conferences.

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Tweeting my little heart out ~ Contributing to the Kos
Please forgive me, Margaret Atwood. 

Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid's Tale) once wrote: "Sex may go nicely with many things, but vomit isn't one of them."

Unfortunately, I took this as a personal challenge.

The quote became my writing prompt one morning, and when the day was done, the Tangier ferry scene in Côte d'Azur was purged from my system.

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