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Golden Globe Awards Nominations 2022 - Best Screenplay, Motion Picture. 

In February 2021, seven days before NBC's broadcast of the 78th Golden Globes, the Los Angeles Times published an exposé revealing that there were no Black members among the Globes' 87-member votership. The ensuing scandal led to record-low ratings and many celebrity callouts. The network declared in May that it wouldn't air the Globes in 2022. Meanwhile, the Critics Choice Awards organization was working feverishly behind the scenes to capitalize on the situation, and present itself as a credible alternative on The Road To The Oscars. The CCAs announced their show would air on January 9, 2022, and were reportedly looking to secure the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where the Globes have been held for several decades. No dice. The Globes allegedly blocked CCA's access to the venue. For many months, it was assumed the Globes would not be a factor this year. Then, in October, the Globes announced they would hand out awards on -- you guessed it -- January 9, 2022. Where? If an award is presented without television coverage, does it make a sound? Plus, nobody knows if Hollywood heavyweights would even accept Golden Globe awards this year. Are the statuettes tainted? When placed on a celebrity's mantel, would they smell bad? Tom Cruise has already returned his three Golden Globe trophies. The CCA ceremony was postponed on December 22, due to public health concerns. Does this play into the hands of the Globes? Stay tuned for the latest move in this intricate game of 3-D chess!

The 79th Golden Globe Awards nominations were announced on December 13, 2021 by Snoop Dogg and the Globes' president. The ceremony was scheduled to take place on Sunday, January 9, 2022, with or without TV coverage. These scripts will be available on the internet for a limited time only:

"Licorice Pizza" by Paul Thomas Anderson

WINNER: "Belfast" by Kenneth Branagh

"The Power of the Dog" screenplay by Jane Campion, based upon the novel by Thomas Savage

"Don't Look Up" screenplay by Adam McKay, story by Adam McKay & David Sirota - early draft, with bidding ending - final draft, with Jonah's brilliant improv - clip

"Being the Ricardos" by Aaron Sorkin

Script collections:
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Golden Globes 2021WGAs 2020Oscars 2020

7:10pm 1/5 Update: 1 2 3 4 5 6

7:00pm 1/6 Update:
Globes ceremony on Sunday: no red carpet, no celebrities, no NBC broadcast, no livestream. The NY Times wrote that the event would take place at "9 p.m. Eastern time (6 p.m. Pacific) in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills." But my mouse was over "ballroom" and it looked like "bathroom"... seemed about right. ;-)

2:00pm 1/7 Update:
"[...] The question is whether the HFPA is doing anything to help its rehabilitation by insisting on an in-person show. Granted, the group’s interim CEO, hedge fund billionaire Todd Boehly, has the financial incentive and the connections to push for an all-is-forgiven reception from the industry; he has an ownership stake in the Beverly Hilton and in MRC [producer of the 2021 telecast], which has a publishing joint venture with Penske Media that operates The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Deadline. But Sunday night’s unseen ceremony hardly seems to be a way to move the needle. [...]"

2:00pm 1/8 Update:
Insiders: Tarnished Golden Globes ‘could not get a celebrity presenter’
"They’re like the Mafia now. Nobody can be seen with them."

7:30pm 1/9 Update: GOLDEN GLOBES WINNER - "Belfast" by Kenneth Branagh


Critics Choice Awards Film Nominations 2022 - Best Original Screenplay + Best Adapted Screenplay.  

Film nominations for the 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards were announced on December 13, 2021. The awards were originally scheduled to be presented live on Sunday, January 9, 2022 at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, and on the CW Network and TBS. However, the ceremony was postponed on December 22, due to public health concerns. UPDATE: the awards will now be given out on March 13. These scripts will be available on the internet for a limited time only:


"Licorice Pizza" by Paul Thomas Anderson

"King Richard" by Zach Baylin

"Belfast" by Kenneth Branagh

"Don't Look Up" screenplay by Adam McKay, story by Adam McKay & David Sirota

"Being the Ricardos" by Aaron Sorkin


"The Power of the Dog" screenplay by Jane Campion, based upon the novel by Thomas Savage

"The Lost Daughter" screenplay by Maggie Gyllenhaal, based on the novel by Elena Ferrante

"CODA" screenplay by Siân Heder, based on the film "La Famille Bélier"

"West Side Story" screenplay by Tony Kushner, based on the book for the musical by Arthur Laurents

"Dune" screenplay by Jon Spaihts and Denis Villeneuve and Eric Roth, based on the novel by Frank Herbert


2022: time to get a digital driver license? 

1) Will I get it directly from Arizona?

"there is no cost to use mID for at least the first year." Oh well, maybe I'll use it for 364 days.

2) Will I put it into my Apple Wallet?

"Coming early 2022." Oh well, maybe I can wait.

(I got one from the #1 link. The head has been animated from a still picture, and it swivels slightly from side to side. Creepy.)
An Open Letter To The Vaccination Credential Initiative. 

TO: VCI™ Steering Group -- Mayo Clinic, MITRE Corporation, Microsoft, The Commons Project Foundation, Evernorth, CARIN Alliance, UC San Diego Health, Apple

Dear Sirs/Madams:

You have made an inappropriate and ill-considered decision:

to remove MyIR:

from your list of valid/verified SMART® Health Card issuers:




As you know, MyIR has become the official recordkeeper for the immunization records maintained by eight government organizations (Arizona, DC, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Washington, West Virginia), representing over 31 million people. So you are, in effect, denying millions of folks the opportunity to obtain the SMART® Health Cards that would enable them to safely return to work, school and travel.

Plus, you're perpetuating a double standard, by allowing Docket® (another third-party aggregator) to issue SMART® Health Cards for the people of New Jersey and Utah.

Please reconsider.

Alan C. Baird

December 7 update: it's back (MyIR) and verified, after the November 24 tweet.

December 11 update: Tweet to AZ Dept of Health:
Please make sure Arizona becomes listed as a valid/verified issuer of SMART Health Cards:
Otherwise, the cards currently issued by MyIR, your subcontractor, will soon become useless:



Westfield High School (MA) outdoor track records, 1969. 

100 Yard Dash - 10.1 - David Canterbury 1966 (1948-2007); Coaches Robert T. Andersen (1923-2017) & Reign G. Rix.
120 Yard High Hurdles - 15.4 - Pat Kamins 1968
180 Yard Low Hurdles - 21.5 - Gregory Grimm 1965 (1947-1994), Pat Kamins 1968
220 Yard Dash - 22.9 - Al Laude 1969 (1951-2018)
440 Yard Dash - 52.9 - Ronald Smith 1965
1/2 Mile Relay - 1:37.2 - Ralph Tarnauskas, Larry Andersen, Kerry Granfield, Al Laude 1969
1/2 Mile Run - 2:07.0 - Alan C. Baird 1969
1 Mile Run - 4:42.7 - Alan C. Baird 1969
2 Mile Run - 10:29.2 - Alan C. Baird 1969
Long Jump - 21'9½" - David Canterbury 1966
High Jump - 6'4¼" - Bert Cashman 1969
Pole Vault - 9'6" - Bruce Webber 1961, Jim Gusek & Gerry McGilpin 1969
Shot Put - 44'3" - Robert Tufts 1967
Discus - 132'5" - Robert Tufts 1967
Javelin - 168'3" - Robert LaPointe 1967

ZoomFest (+ Stephen FitzGerald, Robert Grace, Michael Kay, Bruce LaPointe. Michael Rood, William Walthall) and Cross Country.
Current records a/o 2021May20 at WHS Athletics + unofficial--and incorrect--records website + official records board:


Hoosier Daddy. 

kevin 720x1280In America: Remember is the website for an art exhibition which "blankets the National Mall with over 660,000 white flags, showing the magnitude of our loss as a nation, while honoring each person who has died from COVID-19." This installation covers 20 acres beneath the Washington Monument. Search their Dedicated Flag Map for "Kevin Allen Densmore" to see the location of my buddy Kevin's flag. You can also search their COVID Lost Loved Ones map for "Kevin Allen Densmore" and scroll down to see the photo of Kevin that's also embedded on this blog.

LATER - click the VER VIDEO button on this page to see a 1:42 time-lapse clip of the COVID-19 memorial created from grains of hourglass sand by:



If you've lost someone to COVID-19... can dedicate a flag to them on the National Mall, until September 30: