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The Heat Wave In Europe Hits Home. 

UK:thescreerbooknooAn old buddy, strong as a f*cking bull, was doing some heavy work outside (95°F, 35°C) three weeks ago and fainted from heat stroke. Heart attack. Concussion. Heli-lifted to the hospital. Four days in the ICU, including time hooked up to a respirator. Now he's back home, on eight different medications.

I told him that we get a daily dose of "hydrate, stay inside, no hard work" messaging, here in the desert Southwest. But his normally-temperate Scandinavian country is new to this killer weather.

This guy is like a brother to me. We spent an intense year on the Côte d'Azur, struggling unsuccessfully to get a t-shirt business up and running. We nearly drove each other crazy, but out of the chaos was forged a lifelong friendship. 45 years, so far. I hope we can make it to 46...
Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. 

These J6 hearings are like flipping over big rocks, and waiting to see what kind of creepy, slimy bugs crawl out from underneath.
Getting Jerked Around By Wells Fargo Bank. 

We had a safe deposit box for a few months.
But we don't need it anymore, so we wanted to close the box.
I visited the bank on Monday, and emptied out the last few trinkets.
I tried to leave the box keys, but nobody would take them.
They said I had to make an appointment, and talk to a bank officer.
So I hurried home to use their online appointment system.
It gave me an appointment for Thursday at 9am.
But the bank officer called and left a voicemail.
It seems the appointment system f*cked up, and she wanted to change the time.
So I tried to return her call: "This number doesn't accept incoming calls."
But her voicemail mentioned another number, which said: "This is a non-working extension."
So I waited by my phone, ready to pounce.
Sure enough, she called again, and we agreed on a new time: Thursday at 10am.
But I had no confidence that she would actually be there.
You see, I've been jerked around by Wells Fargo Bank before.
So when I walked into the bank at 10am on Thursday, I was ready.
I had written CANCEL across the receipt slip, in big block letters.
When a teller called me over, and asked why I was there, I told him.
He looked doubtful, and started to say, "I don't think she's here today..."
So I slapped down the receipt slip and the keys: "Just give these to her."
And I headed for the door.
The teller yelled, across the lobby: "You can't just leave these here!"
I growled, over my shoulder: "Watch me."

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LibreOffice restarted my computer, and forced an update. Twice! 

In the early hours of May 13th, I stepped away from my computer. And when I came back, it was rebooting! Sheeyit, I never gave it permission to do that. After it finally came back up, a new LibreOffice icon was smirking at me, from the upper left corner of my desktop. So I vented some of my outrage on the LibrOffice help forum:

They basically said I was crazy, and tried to silence me. So I went away, with my tail between my legs.

But then, in the early hours of May 26th, IT HAPPENED AGAIN! SAME D*MN THING, IN THE SAME D*MN WAY!!

Once again, they said I was crazy, and tried to shut me up. These guys are very predictable. And obnoxious. It's like they wanna out-Microsoft Microsoft. And it looks like they're succeeding. Congrats, guys!


Triple-boosted... or double-boosted and confused. 

Wallet 640x645Hm. I just got Shot #5, but Apple Wallet can't handle all 5 doses... only the last 4.
Dose #1 06Feb2021
Dose #2 27Feb2021
Dose #3 16Aug2021
Dose #4 21Jan2022
Dose #5 22May2022

Health 640x1136Another weirdness: There are now two files in Apple Health Immunizations, instead of just one. The first one contains Doses 1-4, and the other contains Dose 5. (You'd expect the second one to contain Doses 2-5, in order to produce the Apple Wallet Vaccination Card mentioned above.) Also, when you read the latest CDC guidelines, they keep moving the goalposts: a primary series is now 3 doses, making dose 4 into booster 1, and dose 5 into booster 2. Nota Bene: "You can self-attest to your moderately or severely immunocompromised status. This means that you do not need any documentation of your status in order to receive COVID-19 vaccine doses wherever they are offered."

Pfizer-BioNTech schedule for the immunocompromised:
2nd dose given 3 weeks (21 days) after 1st dose.
3rd dose given at least 4 weeks (28 days) after 2nd dose.
4th dose (1st booster) given at least 3 months after 3rd dose.
5th dose (2nd booster) given at least 4 months after 1st booster.
So the 5th dose could theoretically be given less than 9 months after 1st dose.
My gap was more than 15 months. What in holy h*ll took me so long? 😉

PS: Shot #4 was Pfizer purple.
Shot #5 was Pfizer gray.
I just hope they didn't dilute it...
Pfizer Loyalty Card
Double-boosted & ready to roll. 

OK, so I now have four COVID-19 shots in my arm. Later: five. ~ (Volunteer)

I also have a SMART® Health Card (get yours):

I've scanned the SMART® Health Card into my smartphone wallet:

And I have verified everything:

So I can go anywhere now, right?!
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Zoomiversary #2, 03April2020 - 03April2022. 

The first ZoomFest was among four members of our Westfield [MA] High School track team. We've kept in touch over the years, but this pandemic brought us a lot closer together, in a series of semimonthly Zoom meetings. The group quickly expanded to six, and then ten, regulars, and often included special guests, like our spouses, partners, kids, pets, and even our old coach. The next get-together is this coming Friday, with participants Zooming in from Lakewood Colorado, Mesa Arizona, Philomath Oregon, Suffield Connecticut, Niwot Colorado, Fougères France, San Diego California, Virginia Beach Virginia, and Swampscott Massachusetts. Special thanks to Jim Gusek, who sparked the whole idea, and to COVID-19, for creating this unexpectedly welcome side benefit. [Facebook story.]
--With Jim Gusek, Alan C. Baird, Patrick Kamins, Michael Rood, Bert Cashman, Robert Grace, Michael Kay, Stephen FitzGerald, Bruce LaPointe, and Bill Walthall.
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Yearbook portraits - guess who was who!
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